Wednesday, 26 February 2014

You're 1 in 2 million

Dear Mumtaz,

Write for Rights 2013 was our most successful global letter-writing campaign ever.
Together, we sent an incredible 2.3 million letters, SMS messages, faxes, petition signatures and tweets defending the human rights of 12 people and communities at risk. Just five years ago, we achieved fewer than 300,000.
And it's changed people's lives. Two prisoners have since been released - Cambodian housing rights activist Yorm Bopha, and Russian prisoner of conscience Vladimir Akimenkov. Other cases have also progressed thanks to your support.
Many people who took part were based in countries without an Amnesty office. With boundless energy - and often tiny - budgets they invited thousands of others to join in and defend the rights of people they had never met.
Activist Grégoire got hundreds writing for rights. Could you inspire people in your area this year?
One of these activists was Grégoire Kauli Moket, a lawyer in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).
"I wanted others in the DRC to take part in Write for Rights to defend people at risk through the power of a letter and put pressure on governments," he told us.
Grégoire organized five debates at universities and high schools in Lubumbashi, Katanga, in December 2013 and collected over 1800 letters and signatures."We asked everyone to write solidarity messages to people at risk in Nigeria, Ethiopia, Tunisia and the Occupied Palestine Territories. The atmosphere was friendly," he said. "Although I was far away, I felt close to the victims."
For thousands of people, Write for Rights is an opportunity to get together with others and stand up for something they believe in. "I felt happy," Grégoire told us afterwards, "because I had been given an opportunity to call out to others to combine our energies in favour of people whom we don't know. This is why being part of Amnesty International means so much to me."
Would you like to get more involved and put on a Write for Rights event in your country later this year? If so, please click here to email us with your name, email address and country and we'll get back to you with more information.

Many thanks,

Hayley Baker
Supporter Engagement Manager

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