Tuesday, 31 December 2013

2013 - What An Amazing Year! Kutoa Org

2013 - What An Amazing Year!

Look at all the things we've accomplished together

Today is your LAST CHANCE to vote on 1 of 3 great projects we're promoting through Free The Children.

Here's What You've Given To In 2013:

January - Integral Family Literacy in Guatemala (UNESCO)
February - Fleece Blankets for Syrian Refugees (UNHCR)
March - Housing the Vulnerable in Lesotho (Habitat For Humanity)
April - Keeping Girls From the Front Lines in Africa (Child Soldier Initiative)
May - Training Midwives in Gambia (UNFPA)
June - HIV & TB Care in Swaziland (Doctors Without Borders)
July - Fish Farms for Families in Armenia (World Vision)
August - Anti-Malaria Tablets in Mozambique (UNICEF)
September - Care for Freed Slave Girls In India (International Justice Mission)
October - Survival Kits for Syrian Refugees (UNHCR)
November - Food Security Programs in Mauritania (World Food Programme)
December - Furniture & Textbooks for a school in Kenya* (Free The Children)
*Presently leading this months voting

It's pretty amazing to think you've given to all of these things!

And while 2013 has been great - the outlook for Kutoa in 2014 is even greater.

As of the writing of this, Kutoa has been operational for 473-days and have seen 1440 accounts created from people in 105 countries, with 429 of those currently giving their $1/month. We're now trying to figure out the best way to manage this growth and set a course for Kutoa to ensure that it helps lots of people all around the world for a longtime to come.

Offline we have some great people working on some snazzy communication tools that we hope will make a splash online. These will be things that you'll want to share on Facebook and will help you easily explain to others what a great thing you're a part of.

On top of this, now that we have some history behind us (thanks to you!), others are taking us more seriously and this micro-philanthropic movement is picking up pace. Kutoa works when we all give a little, so getting lots of people on board is key to our collective success.

With that being said, why not make it a personal goal to recruit 5-people to join Kutoawith you this year? You can track your progress by viewing YOUR IMPACT and as people join you in the cause you'll feel the excitement of knowing that you're making a difference in the lives of those in need.

2014 is going to be exciting!

Keep spreading the word by sharing on Facebook, Tweeting, buying gift subscriptions and emailing those you know.

Happy New Year!

Josh Brake
Kutoa Founder