Monday, 30 December 2013


Dear Friend,

Widespread killings are underway in the Central African Republic – a mother is forced to watch her children murdered; a grandfather stands by, helpless, as combatants kill his family – and the future remains dangerously uncertain.

Now, more than ever, we need your gift to document these atrocities. Thanks to an anonymous donor, every dollar raised between now and midnight on December 31 will be matched up to $125,000!

We cannot predict every tragedy, but we must remain ready to respond and expose the facts on the ground. 

Right now, our researchers in the Central African Republic are bringing the truth to light. This truth is vital in pressuring the rest of the world to take action and save lives, but we need your support to continue.

Help us keep our researchers working with your tax-deductible gift today, and know it will go twice as far: $15 = $30, $50 = $100, and $250 = $500.*

We will be ready with credible research and reporting. We will be ready with diligent advocacy. We will be ready to save lives and help victims get the justice they deserve.

But we need your help to do it. Gifts will only be doubled until December 31, so please give now.

Thank you,

Kenneth Roth
Executive Director