Monday, 13 January 2014

Karachi Centre for Dispute Resolution (KCDR)

Karachi Centre for Dispute Resolution (KCDR) started operations in Karachi, in February 2007. The Centre, first of its kind in Pakistan, follows international standard rules and code of ethics governing mediation proceedings.

The Karachi Centre for Dispute Resolution is offering Mediation as an institutionalized alternative dispute resolution (ADR) mechanism. This option is available to the parties whose Commercial cases are either pending before any court/ judicial forum, or who have not yet filed a case in the Court.

KCDR has been established with the assistance and support of the High Court of Sindh and the International Finance Corporation/World Bank Group. It is registered as a Not-for-Profit Society under the Societies Registration Act of Pakistan (XXI of 1860).

Phone: +92(21) 35879209/35820030/35810514 
Fax:     +92(21) 35879183